How Compact Interview Works

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Getting started

Compact Interview is suitable for senior executives to graduates to non-skilled staff. It's up to you how you use this video interviewing tool. You can invite as many candidates as you wish to take an online job interview - It depends on the number of candidates you are processing. With over 12 years' experience handling recruitment for clients, the team at Compact Interview is on hand to help and answer any questions you may have. Based on your hiring needs, we can recommend a pricing plan to suit your organisation. Contact us to discuss or simply Sign Up for a FREE TRIAL and you're ready to go.

  • Use for screening all levels – senior execs to graduates
  • Invite any number of applicants to take the interview
  • Different pricing plans to suit your needs
  • No set up costs or contract required

  • Sign in to create interview & add questions
  • Set the time limit for each answer
  • Call us if you want help & advice
  • All set to invite your selected applicants

Create the video job interview

Sign in to Compact Interview and click on the 'Add Interview' page to create your video interview. Then simply type in your questions that relate to the job. You can set any number of questions – just 3 or 4 questions are usually very effective. Set the time limit for each – some questions may only need 20 second answers; others may need more. To maintain a snappy process for you and your candidates, we recommend that you limit answers to 60 seconds. For a better candidate experience, you can also set the number of 'attempts' for candidates to re-record their answer to a question. You decide the criteria but feel free to contact us for help and advice.

Review candidate videos

Invite your selection of applicants via email to record their interview. Your email will include a unique URL link (for use online) and a unique code (for use on a smartphone), which relate to the video interview you have created. Candidates are given simple instructions about recording their job interview. All they require is a webcam (most laptops have this built-in) and a computer with internet access - Or a smart phone (candidates are given a link to download our mobile app). You are automatically notified by email when a candidate has completed their video. When it's convenient you review the recorded responses collated online, and evaluate and compare candidates. You can also share with your colleagues before deciding which candidates to invite for face-to-face interviews.

To find out more, please contact us

  • Email selected applicants with link
  • Candidates take video interview
  • Review videos & compare candidates
  • Invite shortlist for in-person interviews

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