Why Video Interviews?

There's no need for phone screening or even first round interviews. The video interview saves hours of time and cost during the candidate pre-screening process. You simply set the questions, email the online job interview link to your selected candidates – and then review the responses and evaluate each candidate by clicking from one video to the next. Much more insight than reviewing a CV.

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Compact Interview provides hands on service to ensure the process runs smoothly for you and your candidates.

Video interviews provide rich insight and transparency. All candidates in the process answer the same questions for a particular job and have the same time allocated for their responses ensuring fairness and a uniform, structured approach to select the most appropriate candidates for face-to-face interviews.

The video job interview is also ideal for handling geographically dispersed talent such as when a candidate is located overseas. The employer can dramatically reduce travel costs and the environmental impact by handling most of the interview process via video.

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